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Commemorative Places

The Resistance during the Second World War has left its memories on the Sologne territory. A necropolis can be seen at the north entrance into la Ferté Saint-Aubin at a place called Bellefontaine.

Bellefontaine National Necropolis


On the 10 June 1944, a group of Parisian students, most of whom were candidates to the renowned schools of engineers, and who had joined the resistance, were denounced to the Gestapo. All 42 of them were executed in various glades of the village.

Since then, a commemoration is held every year at the Bellefontaine National Necropolis, on the Sunday closest to the 10 June in their honour. The necropolis was built not long after the Liberation. To emphasise their young age, a flower is laid on each tomb by students from the local schools and the names are read out loud by a member of the junior council committee. This is followed by a pilgrimage to the different locations : the Cerbois in marcilly-en-Villette and the By in la Ferté Saint-Aubin.

The book "La Resistance dans le canton de la Ferté saint-Aubin 1940-1945" (the resistance in la Ferté Saint-Aubin 1940-1945) written by the members of the ACSPF (Association pour la Connaissance  et la sauvegarde du patrimoine Fertesien - Association in memory of la Ferté heritage) relates particularity well this sad part of the town's history.

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