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Bed and breakfast

Each guest room is different and reflects the personality of its owner. But all have at heart to receive you in their house with passion and friendliness. They will help you organize your stay in our beautiful region of Sologne, where nature and history combine easily.



Chambres d'hôtes Bambous et Pamplemousses

Chambres d'hôtes entre Loire et châteaux, aux portes de la Sologne.

Château de la Grisonnière

Château de La Grisonnière

La Ferté Saint-Aubin

Le Clos Saint Marie

Le Clos Sainte Marie

La Ferté Saint-Aubin


Comuns de Bon Hôtel

Les Communs de Bon Hôtel



Madame Blain


Madame Gaillard


Monsieur Barbereau James


Monsieur Gentil



Les prestations