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Our territory, door of Sologne, has the chance to own a significant number of associations. The volunteers of these organizations devote themselves selflessly to share their passion, be it sporting, cultural, creative, historical ..... No doubt you will find one that suits you!
The villages of our region organizes each year in early September meetings, where are invited associations. You can meet them, make your choice, ask questions .....

We offer below the list of associations  which are partners of the Tourism Office. Do not hesitate to contact them for information, organize eventsjoin or provide volunteer.



Le Garbeau Solognot

Association de Pêche pour la gestion et la protection des Milieux Aquatiques.


Les Amis de la Fête

Comme son nom l'indique, cette association a pour but de faire vivre le secteur de la Ferté St Au



La Ferté Saint-Aubin

L'association a pour activités :

Association Ma Sologne

Ma Sologne

Animations, concerts, chansons de Sologne - Histoires et menteries